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Alberto Mateo

Alberto Mateo

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"ALL THESE THINGS THAT I’VE DONE" was released 10 years ago today! First release: August 30, 2004 (UK) | Certified: PLATINUM (RIAA) | Album: HOT FUSS | Written by Brandon Flowers

“I worked at a casino called the Gold Coast as a bellman. This was back when there weren’t cell phones yet, so I used to call the guys and tell them I was gonna call them back and leave an idea on their answering machines. I was very heavily into glam rock at the time, and I felt like [Lou Reed’s] Transformer and [David Bowie’s] Ziggy Stardust — the delivery of those records, sometimes it was almost talking to you, especially Lou. The lines ‘Help me out, yeah yeah, you gotta help me out/Don’t you put me on the back burner, you gotta help me out’? I was just trying to be Lou Reed funneled through the Las Vegas Strip. And the bass line is a direct rip-off of a Bowie track called ‘Slow Burn.’ I can say it now because I don’t think he’s gonna come after us.” (BF, 2013)

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